Essential software for
self-distributing breweries

Designed by a self-distributing brewery owner, EzBeer was created to save time and money by streamlining the ordering and invoicing process as well as provide many tools to ensure critical components of your business are running efficiently.

Tools and Features

Simple Ordering

EzBEER is built on a responsive platform making it easy for reps in the field to place orders right from their phone, or computer.




Automatic Invoicing

Invoices are automatically created in PDF format and emailed out as deliveries are made.  You can assign anyone you wish to receive these invoices such as your buyer’s accounting dept, your accounting department, etc…


When a delivery is made, the driver:

  1. Pulls up the order on their smartphone
  2. Enters the number of empty shells being picked up
  3. Has the purchaser sign on their smartphone
  4. Clicks submit


Inventory Manager

EzBeer manages your inventory in real time so your reps know exactly what is available and what is not.  Every time you make a delivery your inventory is automatically reduced.  As you brew more beer, you manually add to your inventory.

You are also able to make a manual inventory adjustment due to spoilage, donations, etc… with a few clicks.


Shell Manager

During setup, you can set the number of kegs at each of your accounts. As kegs are dropped off and empty shells are picked up, your accounts' shell account will reflect the changes. This allows you to tally up all kegs in the field and ensure an account doesn’t lose a shell without knowing/reporting it.



Run reports on invoices, orders, and inventory.


Shared Calendar

Within the EzBeer system, your team shares a calendar that can be modified by any user with permission.

Great for salesman, so they can see when new beers are coming out, when lines need to be cleaned and when events are happening.


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